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Transport is crucial for the productive flow of the economy; efficient transportation reduces costs in many sectors. Developments in transport connectivity driven by expanded network capacity, by decreasing the travel times and costs while improving the network reliability generates improvements in productivity growth.

Evolution of the world trade, that has been at the source of remarkable growth in demand for road transportation between West and East European countries and Middle Asia in 1997, initiated us to offer European Exporters new transport practices and patterns, assuring cost effective, optimal, fast, safe and controlled way of road transportation between the regions. Since the very beginning of our activities we have always paid special attention to the industrial cargoes such as machinery, tools, chemicals , raw materials etc. as they are essential for providing continuous industrial production. That is why it is very important to take into consideration every single detail of their transportation. Our fleet can meet all the requirements of our clients. We do not only deliver the cargoes but contribute to our clients successful business. The development of the world economy and globalization processes inspire us to upgrade our transport practices and services including added values as well as our geographical reach.

Nowadays we work for CHEMICAL and OILWELL SUPPLY companies providing FTL , LTL, DRY BULK , BREAKBULK and OOG services. The geography of our activities covers the territory of Western and Southern Europe, the BALKANS. Baltic States, the Caspian states, the CAUCASUS, and Middle Asia.

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To realize all possible efficient logistic solutions for successful development of our clients business.

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Every business decision at Legrant is made in order to decrease risk and foster long-term sustainability.

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To grow in a responsible pace to a trend setter in our areas of operations.

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Weather it be a single shipment, projected cargo or regular supply, punctuality is guaranteed by our Name.


Our trump and liner trucks ensure collection and delivery of grouppage cargoes witin scheduled time limits.


Our Team of dedicated GDP Certified Carriers, with decades of experience, manage safe and fast sensitive freights connections.


LEGRANT moves ADR cargoes on both LTL and FTL modes. A Shipper or Customer 's hazardous goods will be checked promptly taking into account legal requirements of every transit country.


Shipping breakbulk and oversized cargoes our customers benefit from our inland collection and delivery performed by various equipment, transit permissions, police and pilot arrangements, handling in ports, carrying by ferries, customs documentation.


Legrant launched DRY BULK (SILO) road service in 2004 in order to supply European components to Oil Refinery plants in Russia and Ukraine. Nowadays the Company bulk fleet operates in Western Europe, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia and is on standby to serve other destinations in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Central Asia and the Balkans.


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Industry suppliers and manufacturers tend to keep a close network of core carriers. Many companies tend to work with whom they know. There could be comfortable level of communication, long-term relationships and understanding.

Due to the economic growth and geographic regions expansion this strategy may leave such without shipping capacity required plus it can be the major drain on financial resources. When a local carrier asked to deliver outside his service area, he may not have the network volume to fill the backhaul and often needs to charge a round-trip rate.

To expand your options and lower costs, consider partnering with Legrant, that understands the complexities of your projects and has access to a network of pre-qualified industrial freight carriers who compete to move your cargo.

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Ethics are considered one of the brand's assets, a factor that contributes to reputation and loyalty. Legrant created effective and consistent ethical measures in order to communicate clear rules of conduct to all of its employees. Legrant's Ethic is based around five fundamental commitments: Safety of transportation operations, Health and Safety of employees, Fight against corruption, Adherence to competition rules, Respect for and protection of the environment.

Risk Management

Effectively managing risk is an important part of transport process. Our professionals help Customers to realize vulnerabilities involved through our knowledge of industry and comprehensive understanding how the cargo moves. The combination of knowledge and skills makes us unique to educate and protect our customers from damage cargo, theft and security breaches.

Green Transport

By shortening the transport lines, using GPS to monitor the whole process, improving vehicle loading rate, promoting the use of payment devices to avoid parking fees, improving driving efficiency, we aim to achieve energy saving and emission reduction. Managing usage of official clean fuel we reduce energy consumption and exhaust emissions.